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Sursen, founded in 1996, is a leading dPaper/ePaper technological company of more than 300 stuff (including about 100 software engineers). Since being founded,Sursen has been specializing in providing the technologies and solutions of replacing traditional paper files with digital documents . Sursen's SEP technology is almost as good as Adobe's Acrobat/PDF and has a market share exceeding Adobe in China. After getting the support from international venture investment orga- nization, Sursen is now expanding to global market depending on its advanced technology accumulated in all these years.

At present Sursen has made a great success with its client including 90% of TOP 200 enterprises in China and government branches throughout the country. We have extended our customers to every province, every big city and over 90% counties in China except Taiwan , of which organizational users are more than 150000 and individual users more than 3 million. Averagely 10 official e-documents adopting Sursen technology will be sent and received per second. Meanwhile, hundreds of Sursen digital books come out every day.

Sursen SEP technology provides the utility to deliver documents that give business, creative, and technical professionals an intelligent way to get the job done. Create and exchange documents, and tailor the security of a file in order to distribute reliable and polished Sursen SEP documents.

Compared with Adobe Acrobat, SEP has a higher ratio of performance to cost, and especially in the field of DRM (Digital Rights Management), Sursen has hold world first-class technology. Having originated online DRM technology, today Sursen has hold multilevel DRM technology, up to 14 levels of security rights, for documents processing. Sursen also has great advantages on printed-paper file anti-forgery and security control technology and is acting an extraordinary leading role on large-scale digitalization technology.

¡°Taking information out of the bondage of paper and leading the society to a digital age¡± is Sursen's everlasting hardworking destination.

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